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How it works
This most of this information you can find in the documentation which is included by the program. You can get it at the download page

The take care for incoming faxes. These faxes are send to the managers e-mail address. The e-mail has the fax picture as attachment and a link which is the web.cgi.
The web.cgi is used to manage the faxes. You can give information to the fax. This information will be stored in a text file. Also the faxes can be removed or modified.
The templates (made with cheetah) are used to make a webpage where the faxes can be showed, modified, added or removed.

The web interface shows always, except by adding/modifying or showing the fax, the archive template. By accessing the web.cgi also the incoming faxes as the last ten faxes are shown. After that only the archive and lastten faxes are shown. But the archive and the incoming faxes can be called in.

The textfile has the .txt extension. If you choose an extension that has less or more characters, for example .text, there are a few changes which have to been made.
For the fax picture its the same story. The fax picture has .tiff, but this is standard by Asterisk. At the downloads page you can choose a file that use 3 (tif) or 4 (tiff) characters for the image. You don't have to change that anymore.

Run TAFM on a Unix machine and install the following programs/modules


How it works